What is a Google Adsense account and how does it work?

What is a Google Adsense account and how does it work?

 It is very important for you to know about Google Adsense to earn money online from the internet world. Because only Google Adsense is used to earn money online. If you do not know what is a Google Adsense account and how does it work? So after reading this post of ours, there will be nothing that you would not know about Adsense. 

What is a Google Adsense account and how does it work?

If you are a new YouTuber, blogger or want to earn money online from internet then you must know about Google Adsense. Because it is a way to earn thousands and lakhs of rupees from the internet. 

Here it is also very important for you to know that Google used to show "Google AdSense Ads" only on English content but in 2014 an update came from Google Adsense in which policy of placing ads on Hindi content was also implemented. After which the number of Hindi bloggers increased and today millions of Hindi bloggers are blogging. Earning Rs. 

Let us tell you that all Youtuber and Blogger use Adsense to earn money online. Because it is trustworthy and the best platform to earn more money. 

If you are reading this post of ours, then you will see some ads in the middle of this post which Google Adsense has placed. You get to see this type of google ad on every website and blog. Which is the online earning of that website. 

By the way, there are many other online money earning programs on the internet. But out of these Google Adsense is the most famous. Because one is that it gives more money and secondly it is a reliable platform, there is no risk of any kind in it. 

What is Google Adsense Definition of Google Adsense

AdSense is a product of Google that displays auto text, image and video ads on the publisher's website or blog. Most bloggers depend on it. If your blog is AdSense approved, then you can place its ads on your blog. You can earn money from this in two ways. 


How many people visit your blog/website every day and see the advertisement, it is called impression. How many dollars you will get on how many impressions is not fixed, but according to many bloggers, 1 dollar is easily made on 1000 impressions. 


When a user visits your blog/website and clicks on your ads, it earns more than your impressions. 

Once your account is approved in Adsense, you can take a look at ads according to you and also decide where they will appear on your blog. When visitors come to your blog and see ads and click on them, your earning will increase. Once it's $100,then it is checked or directly transferred to your bank account

Not just on blogs or websites, it works on YouTube as well. People mostly prefer watching videos than reading anything, and that is probably why YouTube is the third best website in the world. You must have noticed that while watching videos on YouTube, you see some ads, these are nothing but GoogleAdSense has ads. 

If there are no visitors to your blog then there is no use of placing Adsense ads. It's not that AdSense doesn't accept less visitors, it's an ad network that you can accept any number of daily visitors. This is the reason why it is very popular in the blogging world. 

How Does Google AdSense Work

Google Adsense acts as an intermediate between the ad provider and the publishers. Publishers are called those who provide content on the Internet such as bloggers or YouTubers. Advertising providers are those who give advertisements to Google to promote their company. 

The advertising provider has to pay to run ads on Google so that Google can show their ads to as many people as possible. In order to show ads, Google needs a website or a platform like YouTube channel where Google shows ads. 

Those publishers have to take the approval of Google AdSense to show ads on their website. When their blog or channel is approved by Google AdSense, they are able to show ads on their property. 

Google has the data of all its users so that it shows the same ads to its users in which the user is interested. You must have also often seen that on YouTube or Google, you get to see the same ads that you like. 

In this way, the sales of the advertising provider's product also increase. If a user clicks on the ad, his publisher gets more money. Google gives 68 percent of advertising revenue to the publisher and keeps the rest itself. This is how Google makes money. So this was the complete working of Google Adsenseway. 

How much money can be made from google adsense

Now there must be a question in everyone's mind that how much money can be earned from google adsense and does it have any limit. There is no limit to earn money from google. But how much you can earn depends on you. 

 It depends on you whether you put any kind of content on your website or not if your content is liked by the people and it is helpful for them. So more people will come to your website and your GoogleMore clicks will be done on AdSense ads. 

But keep one thing in mind if you automatically click on ads that appear on your website or your family members and friends click because your earnings are increasing, your Google AdSense account may be closed.

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