Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Optimization Kaise Karn

Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Optimization Kaise Karn

 Do you know what SEO is, full form of SEO in Hindi, what are the types of SEO, how to do SEO and what are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO, if not then don't worry because in today's article we will show you Will tell We are going to give all the above information about SEO and we believe that itThere will be articles. After reading, you will learn to do SEO. 

We all search for something every day on Google or any other search engine and before the search engine seconds millions of websites related to our query appear on the result page. But we visit the same website that first. On the page, there are very few users who go to the second or third page. 

Websites that are ranked on the first page only come to the top by doing SEO. In Google, all search query traffic is on the first page, so all webmasters do SEO to get their blog or website on the first page and to the top position. 

If you are a blogger and want to make money from your blog then you need organic traffic that you will get from SEO. In this article, we will show you the complete SEO process step by step, which will make it easier for you to rank your blog. 

So let's start today's blog post without spending much of our time and learn what SEO is in detail in Hindi. 

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1 What is SEO (What is SEO in Hindi)

2 SEO Complete forms in Hindi

3 types of SEO in Hindi

3.1 # 1 - What is on-page SEO? 

3.2 # 2 - What is Off Page SEO? 

3.3 # 3 - What is technical SEO? 

4 SEO Blog Website (SEO Kaise Kare)

4.1 On page SEO checklist in Hindi

4.2 Off Page SEO Checklist in Hindi

4.3 Technical SEO Checklist in Hindi

5 Ways to Learn SEO (Learn SEO in Hindi)

6 Benefits of SEO in Hindi

7 Disadvantages of SEO in Hindi

8 Frequently Asked Questions: SEO in Hindi

9 Results: What is SEO and how to do it in Hindi. 

9.1 Related Articles in Hindi

SEO is the process by which web pages are made search engine friendly so that the web pages are at the top position in the search engine results page. Anything that works for you is called SEO. 

SEO is an algorithm in which search engines display results according to the query searched by the user. With the help of SEO the search engine ie Google is able to show the right results to the people. 

As you search on Google for what SEO is, Google displays all the web pages related to SEO on the results page. The web pages that are at the top are only brought to the top through SEO. The web page that ranks best in SEO is number one and so on. Without SEO, any blog or web pageCannot rank in search engine. 

The main purpose of SEO for a blogger is to get maximum organic traffic by placing your blog at the top position of Google, and the purpose of SEO for search engine is to get the most relevant web page from user query. To do Show

Although all search engines have different guidelines for SEO, Google is currently the world's largest search engine with about 94% share in search engine marketing, so all webmasters recommend their website for SEO. Have Google's guidelines. Follow the line. 

So fill form 

The complete form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is called Search Engine Optimization in Hindi. 

Tapes of Hundred 

There are basically 3 types of SEO, here we will try to understand these three types in detail. 

On page SEO

Off page SEO

Technical SEO

Page 2 - Page 100

To make the blog search engine friendly, all the procedures we do on the blog come under On Page SEO. Such as writing SEO friendly articles on blogs, researching keywords, locating keywords in articles, etc. On-page SEO is entirely in the hands of the blog owner, on-page SEO of your blog. You can get blog rankings in search engines by doing the right thing. 

# 1 - From the Waff page

In order to rank a blog in search engines, everything we do outside of the blog is covered by off-page SEO. As important as on-page SEO is in the ranking of a blog, off-page SEO is also important. By doing off-page SEO of the blog, you can instantly bring traffic to the blog and make the blog popular. 

But off-page SEO is not entirely in the hands of the blog owner as it requires you to link your blog to another website, and creating high quality backlinks is no easy task. 

To do off-page SEO, you can create a backlink to a similar website of your blog so that more people can come to your blog. 

# 1 - Technical Hundred

In order to rank a blog in search engines, everything we do on a blog is technically SEO. In this day and age SEO is not only based on content and backlinks but it has become very advanced. To get good ranking you need to make your blog technically strong and blogI have to fix every mistake that comes up. 

In this article, we have shown you the complete way to do all three types of SEO. 

Even after reading this article, you will have understood what SEO is and what its types are. Now we will talk about how to do SEO. 

So how do

You should know that no one knows how to do SEO properly. Because Google has more than 200 ranking factors which are completely known only to Google and from time to time Google updates all these ranking factors of SEO due to which SEO technology also keeps changing. 

But we will tell you about the SEO methods that great SEO experts follow and the factors that are permanent, that is, these SEO methods used to work in the past and still work today. Here's how to do all three types of SEO, so you can do SEO. 

Page 100 checklist

Do keyword research before writing an article. 

Improve the title of the blog post and add a focus keyword at the beginning of the title. 

Use keywords in the first paragraph of the post. 

Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.). 

Accurately place keywords in the article. Use the word focus at least 5 times in a 1000 word article. 

Use LSI keywords in posts. 

Use schema markup to better define blog posts for search engine crawlers. 

Internal link, that is, add another blog post to one of your blog posts. 

If necessary, do External Link, that is, add a link to another website in one of your blog posts. 

Improve the image. 

Use only copyrighted images. 

Use Alt Tag in the image. 

Also use the focus keyword in the URL. 

Use the focus keyword in the blog post meta description. 

Write a blog post of at least 1500 words. 

Write unique articles, don't copy and paste articles from anywhere. 

Keep updating the article from time to time. 

Be sure to include meta tags in the blog. Meta tags provide search engines with brief information about the entire blog. 

Waffle page so checklist

To increase the visibility of the blog, share the blog on social media websites. 

Answer people's questions on forum websites like Quora and include a link to your relevant blog post in the answer. 

Generate high quality backlinks from relevant websites. 

Don't create spammy backlinks. 

Comment on other popular blogs about your niche. 

Put push notifications in the blog. 

To make your visitor a regular reader, also include an email subscription form in the blog. 

Create a YouTube channel related to your blog. 

Create a guest post on your niche related website. 

Submit your blog to a popular search engine other than Google. 

Technical SEO checklist in Hindi

After creating a blog, first submit your blog to Google Search Console. 

Map the blog site and submit it to Google Search Console. 

Install SSL Certificate in Blog. 

Create a robots.txt file and stop indexing pages that are not important. 

Create a single version of your domain, ie your domain must be open in both Www and Non Www. 

Fix all broken links in the blog. 

Make the blog mobile friendly. 

Reduce blog loading speed. 

Make blog layout user friendly. 

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