AdSense High Cpc Keywords Niches List 2022

AdSense High Cpc Keywords Niches List 2022

High Cpc Keywords For Google AdSense

If you're a blogger, you'll want to know how we can increase our AdSense earnings. So today I will tell you the keywords on which you can get a lot of Cpc by writing an article. Obviously, if your Cpc rate is good then your earning will be higher. I am going to tell you that you How to write an excellent article by following the keyword with high cpc and also I will tell you which countries give high cpc.

High Cpc Keywords List


In 2022, Google AdSense is giving the highest Cpc on keywords. The name is Insurance. If you target the insurance keyword and write an article on your website from one of the best, then surely you can get Cpc of 52$ to 55$. Cpc's also depends on your article how many excellent types of High Cpc Keywords are in your article Inshorance in 2022 is the most Cpc giving keywords You can make a lot of money by targeting these keywords.


The second most important keyword that gives Cpc is Loan. If we talk about 2022 Loan Keywords then these keywords are currently giving Cpc from 45$ to 47$. If you write a good article on these keywords then you can easily get at least 40$ Cpc.


 Mortgage Keywords currently gives 40$ to 42$ Cpc. If your article is better and bigger then you can get even more Cpc. If your article is not of the best quality then you may get 10$ Cpc. Cpc depends on your article.


The 4th highest earning keyword is credit. If we talk about the CPC of this article, then the CPC of this article is also the best. Cpc of Credit ranges from 35$ to 36$ If you work hard, you can make good money with Google AdSense in less time.


No. 5 Lawyer Keywords High Google AdSense Earning Article in 2022. If we talk about the Cpc of these Keywords then above 35$ is the Cpc of this Keywords. Bloggers can also make good earnings on this article.


At No. 6 High Cpc Keywords are named Donate Google Adsense also earns a lot on this article. If you write the best article on Donate Keywords then Google Adsense will run high quality ads on your article.


If you work on this keyword (Hosting) you can earn good money from Google Adsense (Hosting) Keywords cpc then you can get 30$ to 32$ of its cpc.


Number 8 is the name of High Cpc Article (trading). If you write good content on these Keywords and make it public and put High Cpc Ads then you can get Cpc from Google AdSense for 30$ to 33$.

Let me tell you about the best topics with High Cpc. If you write articles on these keywords then you too can earn the best from Google Adsense. You have to write it yourself and not host a copy from any website. If your article is of high quality and unique then you will get good Cpc.

Google AdSense earnings depend on your article. If your article is of the best and highest quality then Google AdSense will run high quality ads on your article. If you want to earn more on Google AdSense in less time then you Will have to select a category whose Cpc is High.

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