Google AdSense Approval Tips in 2022

Google AdSense Approval Tips in 2022

Google AdSense Approval

In today's blog, we will talk to you about how you can get AdSense approval in 2022. Approving AdSense in 2022 has already become a bit difficult. Now you have to work hard to write an article and then Google AdSense will approve your website.

AdSense Approval Tips

 (1) The first thing you have to do is create a website and buy a good quality domain on it. For example .com domain .in domain or .xyz domain if you can't invest money then blog post domain too Google Approval is also available on the blog post domain.

 (2) You have to customize your website well and put a good template on your website and the template should be Seo Friendly.

 (3) You have to index your website in Google Search Console

(4) You have to index all your articles one by one in Google Search Console

 (5) You have to find articles for your website articles that have less competition. You have to pay more attention like your content.

 (6) You have to write 18 to 20 articles on your website and all articles must be indexed in Google Search Console. AdSense approval requires at least twelve to fifteen articles. 

(9) You need to set up your website properly

 (10) After doing all this you have to create your AdSense account and paste the link of your website in AdSense. Go to the option and paste it next to the head> option and then come to your AdSense and send your website to Request a review.

Here are 9 main reasons why you can get Google AdSense approval by following it, but there are some other AdSense policies that you have to follow in order to get Google AdSense approval which I will tell you. If you do not follow these policies, you may not receive Google AdSense approval.

AdSense Approval Policy 

The first step is to make sure that you do not publish all the articles in one day and apply for AdSense. If you do, your website will not get 70% approval.
 You have to publish one or two articles on a daily basis. If you publish one to two articles daily, your articles will gradually start to be indexed.

Create Basic Page in


You will need to create some important pages for your website which are given below. If you do not create this page, you may not receive Google AdSense approval. You must make this page mandatory. 
About Us 
Contact us
 Privacy policy
 Terms and conditions

What should be the content to

be approved by Google


All the content that you will publish on your website should be unique. You have to publish all the content yourself by writing and not take it from any website and paste it in your article. If you copy and paste then you Google AdSense will not be approved, nor is it necessary to generate content from any website and paste it on your website. This is against Google AdSense policy. Must be 100% unique content if you want to get approval.

In order to be approved by Google AdSense, you need to make sure that the content you are writing is clear and concise so that any user on the website understands that you have accessed this content. What is written about the article should have regular paragraphs and headings so that your user can read the content well.

I hope you have a good understanding of Google AdSense Approval Policies. As much as I have told you about Google AdSense policies, if you follow, you will get Google AdSense Approval. Feedback will definitely give how this article looks. Stay tuned to our website for more AdSense Tips.

Remember, if you want to get AdSense approval, follow the entire Google AdSense policy. For more information, visit the Google AdSense patch.

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